Tyna Maria Casalini

Tyna Maria Casalini begins her long artistic career at the age of 6 when she starts having piano lessons. As a teenager she attends private lessons of singing for about 3 years; then she continues studying on her own. Since she was a little girl she has charmed everybody for her typical Soul voice, in such a way that Tyna has been defined by critics as a “black woman with white skin”. With the passing of time she shows an extraordinary charisma and an unusual cleverness on the stage so that she can achieve excellent results in several national and international competitions; for instance in 1997 she takes part in A Voice for Europe international competition, coming among the first 20. She follows courses and master classes in Italy and abroad with well known teachers: MILI BERMEJO, ANTONIO MINELLI, STEFANIA RAVA, REV. BAZIL MEADE, LUCA JURMAN, SHAWNN MONTEIRO, BOBBY MCFERRIN and CARL ANDERSON. Soon Tyna, when she is still very young, starts studying Gospel culture because of personal reasons; Gospel is today her main way of expression. In 1993, at 14, she founds the BLACK ON WHITE GOSPEL CHOIR; more than a choir it is a journey to the knowledge of God. Her way of conveying the value of prayer through Gospel, when she is so young, makes of her an impressive phenomenon and critics consider her “the youngest conductor in Italy”. After just 5 years, at 19, Tyna starts important productions for the Black on White G.C. with the collaboration of famous artists (Rev.K. Davis, Shawnn Monteiro, Cheryl Porter...). Since 1993 she has been training the Black on White G.C.; she also founded a school where she studies in detail Gospel intrisic value and prepares her singers for the concerts and various productions. Her ten-year experience in training allows her to create a method which she uses in her lessons, in particular in the GOSPEL IN MY LIFE course (more info in the “Black on White G.C.” section of this site). Tyna’s method is based on identifying and developing your own vocalism as a means of expression of your background; she does not consider Gospel as a simple proposal of songs or a different culture but she teaches “how to live it with a deep spiritual and emotional conscience, becoming a lifestyle” (Tyna Casalini) She runs several Gospel seminars in music schools, choirs, POR, PON and workshops sponsored by EEC. She is appreciated for her way of giving lessons which, moving from a spiritual root, are centered on the value of vocalism and become reflections on life in a continuous exchange with the people who attend them. In 1997 and 2002 she moves to London to follow several master classes in important Baptist churches of the city, among which the seminar organised by the LONDON COMMUNITY GOSPEL CHOIR, run by Rev. Basil Meade. Musictherapist in Global Languages, Tyna Casalini promotes,for the first time in Italy, GOSPEL AS A THERAPY: a very important result which reveals the unexplored therapeutical-rehabilitative value of Gospel culture. The “HARMONIES FROM THE HEART” CD is the result of this involving work; it was recorded with the extraordinary participation of 15 young people affected by mental troubles. Today appreciated as one of the best singers and conductors of Contemporary Gospel in Italy, Tyna Casalini has got consensus by critics and young people for her innovative project GOSPEOPLE GENERATION which combines the vital energy of Contemporary Gospel and the creative art of Break Dance: it is an unprecedented event never experimented in Salento before. The real revolution of Gospeople Generation is the favour of the clergy which highlights the fact that “our spiritual essence is not in the way we are close to Jesus but simply in our will of being close to Him” (Tyna Casalini). So Church opens up to a phenomenon which values young people potentials and reveals a new dimension of creative spirituality, destroying prejudices and clichés while promoting a way of bringing young people closer to spirituality. Her care in spreading the Word of God and Tyna’s dedication to Gospel culture is an example for a lot of Gospel choirs in Salento and for young people who have re-established a contact with their inner life. “My journey will never end because the knowledge of Man’s inner life is endless and it is endless as that part of Man is called Jesus” (Tyna Casalini).


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