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For the first time in Italy, Tyna Casalini’s exceptional innovative research recognises and analyses the innermost aspects of Gospel culture and its unexplored therapeutic-rehabilitative value. To do this, she uses the method of MUSICOARTTHERAPY IN GLOBAL LANGUGES (Stefania Guerra Lisi) which tends to highlight, develop and rehabilitate expressive-communicative potentials , bringing out the integration of diversity.

The encounter between Gospel and Global Languages is based on a common musical competence acquired by every human being primarily through the amniotic initiation to synthony – synchrony –synphony. In this sense, both Gospel and Global Languages promote communication and expression by enhancing the integration of diversity through a profound choral exchange between bodies. (Stefania Guerra Lisi). In 2000 Tyna Casalini gives life to a singular innovation: in fact, for the first time in Italy, she inserts and uses Gospel in Global Languages to reveal the innermost aspects of this profound culture which, as it is “ a tension towards the Infinite Universe of God, is also the impalpable mirror of men’s backgrounds, reflecting their infinite potentials” (Tyna Casalini)
concerti gospel terapia
concerti gospel terapia

Some still obscure aspects of Gospel are therefore recognised as “numberless facets of a prism coloured with emotions which keeps in itself competences of lived life and deep exchange.” All this based on a vocalism able to plunge in a dimension which is ” totally choral in its expressivity” (Tyna Casalini) “The free action of our extraverbal languages” (GDL) and the feeling of being “as a body is one though it has many parts” (1Cor. 12,12) lies under this singular “introspective work with Gospel” which Tyna did and still does, arousing great interest and approval.

tyna maria e hassan
tyna maria e hassan

GOSPEL IN GLOBAL LANGUAGES (GDL) A therapeutic-rehabilitative approach

laboratori gospel terapia

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Scopri di più sull'applicazione del Gospel come Terapia nell'ultimo progetto di ricerca STEREOTIP...IO

Progetto Sociale di Ricerca ed Applicazione del Gospel nella Globalità dei Linguaggi
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