Black on White Gospel Choir

“Edify your own spirit through a long journey in faith and announce the Word of God everywhere”; this is Tyna Casalini’s only motivation. She founds the BLACK ON WHITE GOSPEL CHOIR in 1993; it is one of the very first Gospel choirs in the heart of Salento. Tyna’s respect and dedication to Gospel culture and the years of careful creation of her choir have allowed the Black on White G.C. to achieve a sound reputation and every concert sees the presence of large audiences who appreciate them. Tyna proposes an authentic, singular Gospel, her concerts are wonderful moments of PRAISE AND WORSHIP, moments of charming prayer, totally far from any kind of exhibitionism.
Black on White G.C. ‘s concerts have become suggestive events all over Salento and are always characterized by class and refinement. National and international artists, such as REV.LEE BROWN, MASSIMO FARAO’, SHAWNN MONTEIRO, CHERYL PORTER, MICHELE BONIVENTO and REV. ASHLEY K. DAVIS start to collaborate in 1998. The concerts given in prestigious churches in Rome, with the collaboration of CEI Undersecretary Monsignor Menegaldo and the touching concert given in St. Peter’s Square in honour of His Holiness JOHN PAUL II during the Jubilee in 2000 are important events for the Black and White G.C.

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In the same year, they record their first CD, called “God loves you”, based on the intense sound of Black Gospel, dedicated to all the children who suffer in the world, victims of war and diseases. This production has obtained UNICEF support. They work with well known humanitarian associations, such as AVSI, the Italian Red Cross, AGIMI, Eurogiovani, ADMO.... One of the most touching experiences is the concert given on the 12th SICK PEOPLE DAY in collaboration with IPAVSI and the Italian Catholic Doctors Association. In 2001 for the first time in Salento Tyna Casalini proposes CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL; with a music closer to young people she brings them nearer the deep values of Gospel culture. This change has met with understandable amazement but great approval.

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This new style of execution, with a HIP HOP sound, enhances Black on White G.C.’s peculiarity: Tyna has always developed and improved the communicative techniques of her choir through her method, to spread the value of the Announcement. The care of details, from free expression to creative gestural expressiveness, from choreographies to scenery...this is what Tyna has been caring for in her long career. The Black on White G.C. is based on a wonderful synchrony of voices and soul expressions which joyfully rise to God. Today the Black on White G.C. is one of the few Gospel choirs which deals with Contemporary Gospel whose main aim is that of merging with the audience in a unique vibrant force to walk together towards God and meet Him to start living life.


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